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Catholic United Credit Union is a new start up credit union and offers basic services to our members.

Share Accounts:

When you trust your savings to a credit union you become an owner. Your savings dollars become “shares” in the credit union and entitle you to vote for the members of the Board of Directors that set the policies of the credit union and oversee its operation. These “shares” are used to determine your quarterly dividend payments that are computed based on the earnings of the credit union. We encourage families to open accounts for their children.

Safe Accounts:

These accounts are offered for those members who prefer not to provide us with a social security or EIN number. If you prefer this type of account you can protect yourself and your money. Open a Safe Account at Catholics United Credit Union. This savings option comes with a credit union membership card. To open a safe account, all you will need to provide is a photo ID and proof of address plus an initial deposit of just $10.00. No Social Security number is needed. Dividends are not offered.

Nonmember Accounts:

These accounts are offered to organizations of eligible members such as Parish Ministry groups or Catholic School “Class Accounts” to facilitate gifts and class project funds.


We offer basic loan types for our members. As a new credit union we are limited to the size loans we can offer. Contact us for loan limits that are available and security requirements.

Loans secured by your savings are offered at a lower interest rate.

Fresh Start Loan; borrow up to $500 - get proceeds after the loan is paid.

Double your dollar loan - save $500 then borrow $1,000 with the $500 as security.

Signature Loans

Car Loans

Remember that savings deposited by the members are used to make loans to other members for prudent and provident purposes.

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